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Healthy dental care

Our clinic not only boasts the latest treatment technologies but also places special emphasis on each patient. Our professional and insightful team strives to achieve the best treatment outcomes. We are energetic, talented, and continuously improving specialists dedicated to our field, constantly seeking to help patients achieve the best treatment results.

Vilnius territorial patient fund

SDC clinic closely cooperates with the Territorial patient funds. Thus, denture services provided in our clinic are compensated from the Mandatory health insurance fund, allowing patients to receive top-quality services without any additional financial burden.

According to current regulations, the right to compensation for dental prosthetic services from the Mandatory health insurance fund budget is available to the following individuals covered by mandatory health insurance:

  • individuals who have reached retirement age;
  • children up to the age of 18;
  • individuals recognized as disabled or partially able according to the Lithuanian Republic Law on Social Integration of Disabled People;
  • individuals who have undergone treatment for oral, facial, and maxillary oncological diseases.

Those insured by the Mandatory health insurance have the right to reimbursable healthcare services without any additional taxes. The entire cost of these services is covered by the Patient funds from the Mandatory health insurance fund. By working together with the Patient funds, the SDC clinic guarantees this comfort and financial security to its patients.

BTA Baltic Insurance Company

SDC clinic is proud of its partnership with a human-centric company driven forward by technology and innovation. BTA Baltic Insurance Company is the leader of the Baltic insurance market, offering a wide range of non-life insurance services. In 2016, the leading insurance group in Europe, Vienna Insurance Group AG, became the company’s largest shareholder.

SB lizingas

You can conveniently and quickly acquire the desired services up to 20,000 EUR through installment payments! We provide this service in partnership with UAB “SB lizingas.”


For example, when borrowing 300 EUR under special conditions, with a 12-month contract term, no down payment, monthly installment payments, a fixed annual interest rate of 8.0%, an administration fee of 0.1%, a contract fee of 2.5%, the total annual percentage rate of charge is 15.79%, the total amount payable is 324.58 EUR, and the installment amount is 27.05 EUR. Other financing conditions may be offered to you depending on the contract term, your creditworthiness, and risk assessment.

Wow financing

Wow financing will help you obtain a loan under particularly favorable conditions. They will find the most favorable terms from lenders and provide an offer that best meets your expectations.

Wow financing team understands that people’s lives are fast-paced nowadays, so their goal is to make your loan search more efficient and provide an offer as quickly as possible.

They are a dynamic and cohesive company aiming to become a leader in the field of loan intermediation.

Global one denta

Global one denta offers high-quality dental instruments and materials made from carefully selected raw materials, ensuring precise accuracy and meeting the highest quality standards. These products serve as the productive and efficient foundation of modern dentistry.

At Global one denta, you can find a wide range of dental tools and materials specifically designed for dental professionals. These products are aimed at ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in dental practices.

Global bee investments

Take advantage of health insurance to settle payments for services. Additionally, you can receive other offers related to life and investment insurance. Life is highly unpredictable, and we can never know exactly what to expect. We cannot control future events, but we can prepare in advance to better cope with unexpected situations. One way to do this is by partnering with Global bee investments.


Well-being and health are topics especially close to us. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that you can now acquire our services on ‘Stebby‘ – the largest corporate health platform in the Baltic States.

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