Atija Aliukonytė


License No. OPL-06131
Prevention of dental and oral diseases
Aesthetic-functional fillings

Personal Information

My primary goal as a dental physician is the comprehensive well-being of the patient. It’s important to me not just to take care of the oral health of my patients, to educate them about dental care, but also to ensure that during every visit, patients feel safe and comfortable, and leave the office with a wide smile.


2018 – 2023 Master’s studies in Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University

Attended courses and lectures

  • Adomas Auškalnis: The ABC of Bite Lifting and Stabilization.
  • Adomas Auškalnis: "2in1 shot. DENTAL FILLING": • Bite lifting with composite. • Front teeth filling.
  • Dentist Agnė Mališauskienė's course: "Module 1. Daily Aesthetic Filling".
  • Orthopedic Dentistry Concepts with Dr. Roberto Turrini.
  • Restoration of the occlusal surface of lateral teeth with composite. Morphology, layering. Lecturer Mindaugas Kudelis
  • Restoration of the interproximal areas of lateral teeth group – Class II | Lecturer Mindaugas Kudelis
  • Dentist Agnė Mališauskienė's course: Module 2. DAILY AESTHETIC FILLING: ANATOMY AND POLISHING

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