Oral hygiene Surgery

If you want to be sure that you’re taking proper care of your teeth, it’s important to know about potential dental diseases so that you can identify worrying symptoms in time and consult a dentist. This time, we want to discuss in more detail what periodontitis is, what the symptoms of this disease are, and the ways to treat it. So, what should you know?

In answer to the question of what periodontitis is, it’s a chronic and inflammatory disease that most commonly affects patients in their older age. This disease can be identified by such symptoms as gum bleeding, tooth mobility, increased spaces between the teeth, tooth pain, and teeth shifting. If periodontitis treatment is not started in time, tooth loss is also possible. It’s also important to emphasize that this disease is one of the most common reasons why people lose their teeth.

To halt periodontitis in time, it’s very important to detect this disease early and start its treatment promptly. For instance, if the disease was detected early, professional oral hygiene may be sufficient. However, if the disease is detected at a later stage, surgical treatment or even implantation may be necessary. It’s also important to emphasize that once treatment has begun, the patient’s personal efforts are very important – it is necessary not only to diligently brush your teeth twice a day but also to rinse your mouth after each meal, and to use dental floss.